Liberty Marine
  We are specialised in large and smaller yacht rebuilding projects , management and charters.
Our strenght is to provide practical solutions and to keep the cost at reasonable levels at all
times without compromising on quality or service
We are specialised in rebuilding and renovating yachts, and our expertise covers the full range
of re-engineering, hull- and structural- work, generator and electrical installations, interior- and
exterior- improvements and equipment-choice, whereby we always emphasize economical
solutions in the interest of the owners as opposed to commission based considerations (rather
odd in the industry)

Unfortunatly many yacht- owners tend to get heavily overcharged when contracting renovations
and rebuilding of their yachts. In our experience we have learnt, that there are always many
ways to go about each and every task and our aim today is to offer economic sensible solutions
to our customers, according to budget and without compromising on quality.


if you are looking at an existing renovation-project, it will most probably be worthwhile to contact
us.  Likewise it is a good idea to contact us if we should look around for and on your behalf for a
yacht which you can build up on, or if you are looking to acquire a specific yacht that will need
renovation after the purchase.
         used yacht sales - management - charters - specialists for the Indian Ocean & Mediterranean