Boat report from: Motor Boat and Yachting
Cranchi Endurance    

Worldwide building standards have improved significantly over the past few years, and the boats that MBY tests have fewer and fewer shortcomings. So a truly outstanding boat needs to offer something that little beyond simply passing a checklist of faults. The Endurance offers this. There's a strong sense that Cranchi are striving hard to improve the boat owner's lot. They have done this by ensuring that all the basics are in place, and they have provided a host of excellent design details, both small and large.

The Endurance is not completely without shortcomings. The galley is limited for a boat which is nearly 41ft (12.5m) long Cranchi presumably had Egon Ronay's guide to eating out in mind when they designed this area and the small saloon table. Tallish companionway steps and a missing anchor locker stay complete what is a very small list of gripes.

Beyond this though, there is so much to recommend the Endurance: abundant stowage, the clever anchor locker details, and safe movement around the boat, for instance. And the Endurance's laminate quality and engineering detail was particularly good. One of the highlights was finding a helm position that comes close to meriting the description of perfect.
Alongside the Windy Tornado 31 (MBY August) and the Hinckley Picnic Boat (MBY September), the Endurance 39 joins my tiny list of 'must have' boats from the past year.

LOA 40ft 9in 12.42m
Hull Length 39ft 3in 11.96m
Beam 11ft 6in 3.50m
Draught 2ft 10in 0.87m
Air draught 9ft 9in 2.97m

Displacement 6.6 tonnes (light) 7.5 tonnes (loaded)
Fuel capacity 172 imp gal 780 litres
Water capacity 54 imp gal 
245 litres
Engines Twin Volvo Penta KAD44P EDC-DP
260hp @ 3,900rpm
6cyl 3.6lt turbo diesels
Duoprop outdrive legs,
B4 props

(note; Liberty Star has the more modern KAMD 300 engines !)

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range
2,000 11.5 3.5o  5.4 2.15 295
2,500 18.0 4.5o  8.1 2.23 306
3,000 25.2 3.5o  12.0 2.09 288
3,300 28.2 2.5o  15.9 1.78 244
3,600 31.8 2.5o  20.2 1.58 217
3,900 36.0 2.5o  23.0 1.51 208

Range allows for 20% reserve
75% fuel, no water, 4 crew
Sea state: 10in (250mm) chop
Wind strength: Force 1-2

Maximum Speed 36.0 knots
Maximum Range 208 miles at 3,900rpm
Cruising Speed 28.2 knots
Cruising Range 244 miles at 3,300rpm

Designer Cranchi/Andreani
Cantiere Nautico Cranchi s.r.l, Via Nazionale, 45-23010 Piantedo (SO), Italy. Tel: +39 342 683359. Fax: +39 342 683351.
Sound levels dB(A) Saloon Cockpit
Cruising @ 28.2 knots 85 81 73 79 82
Maximum @ 36.0 knots 88 84 76 81 84

Boat report from: Motor Boat and Yachting